About us

Our philosophy

Since Dragon bits origin in 2011, we have been striving to do things right. Not only do we develop a software, we also make sure the software is usable and it works for our customers. Visiting the factories and clients where we implement our software is our daily bread. This way, we can guarantee the highest quality standard for a long time. Our developers are trained not only on courses and conferences, but also on site where the software is used.

Flexible working hours, autonomy and flat hierarchies with short decision-making processes is one of the fundamental principles of Dragon bits.


Each one of us is a programming enthusiast, but you don’t need to be worried that we speak a different language. Well, maybe sometimes... ;-) Ask us anything, we will happily take you on a tour of everything we have to offer.


The digital technologies and internet allow us to have no "real" office. And we think it is quite cool. Each co-worker is usually working home or anywhere with access to the internet. In order to communicate we use skype, phone and email. Sometimes we work on site (commissioning of our software) but sometimes we even hand over the software or services to our customers remotely. But of cause we also meet personally. Physical meetings are important during an initial training of a new colleague or with large projects. We just try to do what is effective and convenient.